Chairman’s Message

As the Chairman of Buzwair Holding and on behalf of every single person in the group, I would like first and foremost to thank every business and individual who has given our organization nothing short of the best support, commitment and belief over the past few decades.

The success of Buzwair Holding is the culmination of major efforts invested by 700 highly-experienced professionals who have come from all corners of the world to join our company. We are proud of our solid heritage as a growing industrial group and a corporate player bringing visionary products into the fast growing-economy of Qatar.

Our humble beginnings spearheaded successes which have won us numerous accolades and certificates that remain a testament to our uncompromising approach to customer service, quality, innovation and professionalism.

Our reputation, as the vanguards of the industry, has grown with the support of some of the most eminent international investors who entrusted and honored us with their world-class legacies. These partnerships have been extremely symbiotic reflecting our time-honoured values and our pledge to uphold our founders’ vision for the future.

Every step we take accentuates our promise to contribute to our country’s national vision for the year 2030 which has knowledge, creativity, entrepreneurship and the well-being of the community at its core.

Last but not least, it goes without saying that the cornerstones of our success have been none others than our customers support and that of our human assets whose relentless hard-work has turned our group into one of the most prestigious enterprises in Qatar.

Mr. Fahad Mohd. Buzwair